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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll depicting Samurai Attendant A: Figure with attached head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), pink complexion, painted black eyebrows and eyelashes, gray beard mustache shadow, bald pate, painted black hair around sides and back; dark brown inset glass eyes, painted red mouth with a thin black line, short upturned nose, black silk fiber hair inserted into groove in head, left long and untied, coming off at the back. Kneeling figure on right leg with right arm raised and left arm held down near lap. Hands are carved wood dipped in gofun, left hand held out straight and the right hand is curled to hold a weapon. Clothing consists of upper garment showing at sleeves of tan and cotton brocade with red, purple and green flower round and square motifs; right sleeve is tied with turquoise cord at the wrist, left sleeve is pulled up to shoulder revealing another garment beneath; sleeve is a light and dark tan silk brocade tied at the wrist with a faded turquoise silk cord. Top of left hand is covered with a green felt covered piece of paper--guard. Two tan and beige brocade epaulets over shoulder armour which is attached to arm with a nail and made of black lacquered paper with metallic gray edge and a metallic bottom edge, shoulder armour is made in three sections tied with faded green cotton cord. Barrel shaped armour around the torso, black on the back and front with a top metallic colored section and a large brass circular mon in the front (sun?). Plain white silk sash tied around waist in a simple knot in the front with padded ends. Hanging from the waist in the 3 paneled front and 2 paneled back are armoured tiers, each section made of 4 plates which are black lacquered paper and metallic gray at the top edge and metallic rough textured bottom edge, laced with faded green cotton cord. Kukuribakama pants made from light and dark tan cotton brocade with dark tan and white floral patterns, gathered into shin guards. The shin guards are dark brown and tan cotton cloth attached to the shins with small nails which hold on brass rods (three rods on right shin, five on the left), tabi are painted dark green and sandals are made of straw and laced between large toe and wrapped around the ankles. B: Hat, Diam: 2.75", flattened conical shape made of paper card, black lacquered top with a single large gold painted circle on the front of the hat, orange interior, flat orange cord glued underneath each side with an orange cotton brocade piece. C: Sword, L: 5.5", single piece of bamboo, straight, scabbard end is painted black and handle has glued sand texture painted silver; end of handle and center are painted white. Condition: Gofun is cracked near temples, cracked and flaking under chin, piece missing from bottom lip and top left eyelid. Hair is deteriorating. Paint on right foot is coming off, some chips on left foot and peeling off near back ankle.
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