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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Dolls: Horse and Samurai Rider A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), large nose, recessed carved eyes with black lacquer pupils, painted black eyebrows and moustaches, red painted mouth slightly downturned, faint blue areas on bald pate and chin representing stubble, black natural fiber hair pulled back in pony tail tied with white thread, long wooden peg extending down from neck. B: Body of seated rider with knees bent, right arm forward and raised with curled fingers to hold a weapon, left arm extended out to side with curled fingers to hold a weapon: Clothing consists of full armour: Breastplate made of papier mache painted gold with holes for green silk cord tied through in X shapes across the top and orange silk cord tied through in two rows of slash shapes, two bosses on either side of chest in chrysanthemum shape with rings, upper breastplate has a metal band with embossed design and two cloud shape flanges nailed to either side, above the metal band is a tan and black paper band representing leather, armoured epaulets made of three tiers of papier mache painted gold and laced with green silk cord Xs, orange silk cord slashes and purple and white silk cord outlines, the upper tier has a off-white and olive green silk border and is tied to the shoulders with orange purple cord; three panels of 2-tiered armour (similar to epaulets) hang from the front waist; below these panels are two embossed gold colored metal thigh protectors which are embossed with dots and attached to the waist with beige cotton panels printed with tiny white flowers; the backplate which extends around the sides is plain papier mache painted gold; two armoured panels (similar to epaulets) hang from the waist at the back. Under the armour is a red silk and tarnished gold paper brocade robe with a floral design, tucked into pants, sleeves tied at wrist with white silk cord, two white cotton collars are visible at neck; white silk obi tied around waist with a twisted sash of the same material at the front; hakama are white silk damask with a scattered floral and geometric design gathered below the knee; lower leg is wood painted black with white scattered flowers (depicts leggings), black and gold colored embossed metal shin guards have a floral design and gold bands at top and bottom; orange silk cord is tied around ankles and soles as if to hold on the shoes which are actually carved wood feet with the remains of black fur on the instep; hands are carved wood painted blue with yellow flower petals with red centers (depicting gloves). Figure has a dark metal scabbard attached to left side with pale blue cord tied around waist, scabbard tip is painted gold. (See G: Sword). Wood peg extends from bottom of doll to fit into Horse. C: Horse on platform, H: 10.125", L: 9.625", W: 4.25", possibly made of papier mache and covered with a white fuzzy material, stands with right front leg raised and head turned to the left side, gray muzzle and hooves, gray paper covered lower legs; white bast fiber mane and tail; inset glass eyes of tan color with black pupils; tan paper ears. Horse trappings are an orange silk fringe extending around the front and back under the tail, cloth saddle has a small brown cotton cloth at the top with white tomoe (comma) designs, beneath is a beige cotton cloth with a brown printed design of a magic wand and other designs which are hard to see, over this hangs down on either side straps of the same materials which are glued to the black lacquered papier mache stirrups with red interior (one has become detached, see E: stirrup), black lacquer papier mache pommel at stands up at the front of the saddle, green and gray panels hang down from the saddle on either side of the horse, made of silk and cotton brocade with black design of interlocking circles with crosses in the middle, outlined with orange silk cord; bridle and ties over the rump are made of light orange cotton flat braid with red tassels hanging in front of the saddle and below the ears; rein is made of a white and purple silk tube. Wood platform is painted with black lacquer, has three sides, carved legs in the front and left unfinished and the back and underneath. D: Helmet, H: 2.25", W: 2.25", D: 2.5", papier mache crown painted black on outside with metal boss on top painted gold, bright blue interior, peak is covered with white paper with dark blue design and edged with tan paper, tan paper spot on the inside, two paper flanges with the same white and blue design on one side and black on the other extend out in a curve on either side of the front and are tied in X shapes with orange silk cord. Around the back and sides are three tiers of armor made of paper and painted gold, they are tied with orange silk cord in slash design and green and white silk cord in X design. In the front is a silvery colored metal disk with a bronze colored metal band beneath which curves up into two horns on either side of the disk. An orange silk cord extends down each side to tie under the chin. E: Stirrup, 1.25" x .5", detached from left side of horse, comma shaped and curved up at the front, papier mache painted with black lacquer on the outside and red lacquer on the interior where the foot would rest, cotton cloth hanger is attached to inner front. F: Bow, L: 9", black lacquered wood wound around with fine white cotton thread, a tan paper center depicting leather as a hand hold; bow is slightly curved and has a fine white cotton bow string. G: Sword, L: 5", curved silvery metal blade, thin copper petal shaped tsuba guard, curved handle covered with black speckled white paper and bound in X shapes with yellow cotton cord, both ends of handle have gold colored metal caps. Condition: small chips on face, horse hide pile has fallen off
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