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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll depicting Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598) A: One piece doll sitting in half lotus position, arms extended toward front with bent elbows, right hand clenched as if holding an object, left hand open. Head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted black hairline, upturned eyebrows, painted red lips, inset glass eyes, shaped ears; black silk fiber hair is pulled to the top of the head and tied with blue thread over the bald pate, hair is missing from the back and black paint and paper fastening cord is revealed. Full armor made of papier mache painted with gold which has chipped off in most places; includes chest and back plates, epaulets and panels below the waist front and back. The tiers of molded papier mache are tied with faded orange silk braided cord and green cord near the bottom of the panels in an X shape. The bottom edges of epaulet shoulder panels, the ends of the hanging panels and the top of the breast plate are decorated with a cloud shaped embossed metal piece held on with nails. The back plate is plain (peeling paint) except for orange cord in X shapes and a chrysanthemum-shaped metal boss with a ring in the center and an orange silk braided cord tied through it. The breast and back plates are suspended from red velvet straps edged with brwon and beige material and held on with metal fasteners. Next to the straps are small epaulets (sitting on top of the shoulder armour epaulets) made of the same red velvet with a black, gold, tan and green brocade padded piece on top. In the center of the breast plate is a cast metal kiri mon family crest with 3 leaves and 3 flowers. Hanging over the right chest is a small armor panel with a white silk flower knot and tassel hanging from the shoulder and hanging over the left chest is a small papered cardboard piece to protect the collarbone (Kyubi-no-itu) with gold stamped flower design and a white silk flower knot and tassel hanging from the left shoulder. Under the front armour panels are two additional panels hanging from black and gold patterned strips and ending in four squares (black and gold) tied with orange, green and blue braids. Beneath the armour is a gold on black silk brocade kimono with 8 Buddhist treasure motifs--the kimono sleeves, lined with white silk damask and collar show. A white collar shows beneath the kimono collar. The white silk hakama, stuffed and gathered at the ankles has purple and gold alternating motifs (possibly a Buddhist design). At the waist is a padded brown crepe sash tied in a knot at the front. Under the left kimono sleeve is a blue and orange silk brocade sleeve tied with green silk thread and under the right kimono sleeve is an orange and white brocade narrow sleeve. Gold painted card handguards tied with blue and green silk cord. Carved wood hands and feet dipped in gofun. B: Hat, H: 2.25", W: 2.5", D: 3.25", consists of a black silk gauze top shaped like an upside down bag, longer in the front than the back and folded over toward the back; the bag is attached to a off-white silk headband which is stiffened and has a stylized bow in the front. Condition: Hair is shedding badly
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