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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll depicting Samurai Attendant A: Figure with head forward and to one side, molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), pale complexion, painted black straight eyebrows, large black eyes, pointed, broad carved nose and open mouth with white upper teeth and painted red lips and open lower mouth, gray painted beard shadow, bald pate, plain ears, painted black hair around sides and back. Fiber hair missing. Figure is kneeling on right knee with left leg extended forward, right arm raised with hand curled to hold weapon, left arm and hand extended, carved wood hands dipped in gofun. Clothing consists of upper garment, showing at left sleeve tied at wrist with orange cotton cord, pulled up right sleeve and collar made of cotton and paper green brocade with faded orange and beige floral designs. Raised left sleeve reveals an under sleeve of black velvet gathered at the wrist. Black lacquered card hand guards. Barrel shaped brown textured paper mache armour around torso with aluminum band around middle chest and a snake eye raised aluminum circle in the middle, aluminum band at top roughly cut into pointed shapes attached with nails and wire; shoulder armour is made of four brown textured tiers laced in X pattern with dark green cotton cord. These same armour panels hang from the waist, three in front and two in back; all armoured panels have an cut aluminum edge nailed to the bottom tier. Blue and olive green paper and cotton brocade epaulets are attached above the shoulder armour (left one has become detached). Charcoal colored silk sash around waist is tied in a knot in the front and has padded ends. Kukuribakama pants are made of yellowish brown paper and cotton brocade with medallion pattern and gathered into shin guards made of the same fabric with lacquered bamboo bars (five on the left and three on the right); brown and black paper and cotton brocade tabi cover carved wooden feet (left toe points up); straw sandals tied with fiber between toes and around ankle B: Hat in flattened conical shape, painted black paper which is peeling, orange cotton cord glued to under center of hat with piece of epaulet brocade, runs around the neck. Condition: Fiber hair missing. White sleeve lining eaten by insects. Left hand guard is broken. Left epaulet has come off shoulder (see plastic bag). Hat is squashed and peeling. Broken left finger. Weapon missing
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