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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll representing a Samurai with parts which fit together (head, upper body, lower body & legs, arms) Samurai in a sitting position with hands curved as if holding something. The body is stuffed with straw and cotton and all body part connections are reinforced with wooden pieces with Japanese alphabet letters assigned for each part. A: Separate Head, H: 4.625", W: 2.5", D: 3", molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder); eyes are carved, upper edge and the outer corners of eyes and irises are painted black, raised eyebrows are painted black in a feathery fashion, nostrils are punctured, painted red lips are partially open showing the upper teeth, top of head is represented as shaven; black hair on the back and sides appear to be human imbedded in holes and mostly gone except for a few stands which hang down loosely. B: Upper Body, H: 15.75", W: 6", D: 4", body armor consists of 4-sectioned shoulder armor and 5 4-sectioned armored panels hung from his waist. The sections are joined by "X" shaped stitches called "Hishi-nui", with off-white silk cords; all bottom panels are edged with metal plates in shape of clouds and floral design; the chest armor has 5 metal cast pieces: moth, butterfly, lion, geometric key design, and dragon fighting lion (one piece broken off); the back body armor has 2 paper strips and a round metal boss, armor is made of paper covered by faded, tattered orange silk fabric; on right shoulder beneath the armor, a padded coral and black patterned silk pads is attached to the body by a twisted paper string; on the left a pad made of paper with green bird and black circular patterns on blue background; a padded off-white smooth silk belt worn at waist over the body armor, tied in knot at front. C: Right Arm, H: 3.75", W: 7.25", D: 6.25"; D: Left Arm, H: 4.5", W: 8.25", D: 6.75" Right fingers are in a holding posture; the sleeves are made of paper brocade, blue and orange floral and blue and orange dragon medallion design are woven in a brocade on dark blue background; the sleeve is trimmed with coral silk gauze woven material interfaced with stiff paper; a padded coral silk cord is tied in a knot at the wrist; the forearm is protected with a light blue and coral brocade armor with 3 metal strips. E: Lower Body and Legs, H: 16", W: 13.25", D: 10". Lower body and thighs are covered with plain blue Asa (bast fibre) fabric; the additional Asa fabrics appear to be added, blue Asa on top and black one at bottom; he wears a tattered blue Asa, lower hems covering the top of the beige brocade boots with 5 metal strips enforcing the shins; his wooden upturned shoes are painted in black, padded silk faded coral silk cord is tied in a knot at each ankle. F: Helmet, H: 3.5", W: 7", D: 4.5", shaped by a molded paper, covered by silk coral crepe, back and sides have 3-sectioned additional protection connected with off-white silk cord in "X" shaped stitches; the crown is reinforced with 8 metal-like strips made of paper, finished with metallic paint; on top a metallic-like boss is called "Hachiman-za" (a portable shrine symbol) to protect the warrior; the visor is made of paper finished in metallic paint, decorative pair of metal center pieces is called Kuwa-gata (shaped like an ancient hoe); metal pair in kidney shape with floral design adorned on both sides of the visor; coral string is attached to the sides. G: Large sword, L: 17.75", W: 1.375", D: 1.25", handle curved like Tachi, paper with white diamond shape on indigo blue background imitates cord wrapping; the sword guard is made of wood with metallic paint, shaped in a 4-petal design; the sheath is finished in black lacquer. H: Small sword, L: 11", straight, made of wood, guard is made of paper, handle is painted blue with silver stripes, sheath is matte black Condition: A: hair loss, B: fabric faded, fabric around the neck is deteriorated showing cotton stuffing; chest armour has holes, faded and soiled; cords connecting armor sections hanging from the waist are tattered and the inner pieces are gone, especially on front center piece; D: Gofun has peeled off from left hand; E: tattered fabric around the knees showing paper underlayers. It appears additional fabric was attached at a later date, black paint has peeled off shoes and shins, ties around the shoes are faded and soiled; F: faded, soiled and deteriorated fabric; front center metal piece is missing; G: pasted paper at handle top has peeled; H: bent sword guard
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