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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll with removeable head A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder). Painted features and eyes, pink complexion with orange shade on cheeks and upper eyelids, feathery eyebrows, moustache, bearded chin are painted gray; slightly opened rosy painted lips showing tips of upper teeth. Side hairlines and nape are painted in black. Black silk like fiber hair is pulled in a ponytail tied again and wrapped with off-white silk cord, loose end sits on top of the shaved crown. B: Body in sitting posture wearing body armor; shoulder and below waist 3-paneled armor and an additional gold lap armor covering each knee and a 2-layered panel, jointed with red wide silk like corn in X stitch called "Hishi-nui". The stitches are also used to give appearance of one piece board to be multi-paneled. All armor is made of papier mache, painted in black, 3 paneled and joined with red cord. The exception to this is the back body armor with a smoother upper panel. Front chest armor has a metal 3-layer boss placed at each upper corner. Top layers looks like brass, second in silver, and third in gold. All metal bosses have a ring at center. The boss on the back body armor is placed at center. The ring of the back boss helps to secure the arrow case which is attached to the back and shoulder armor by red silk cord tied to the metal rings. The red cord has 2 small white and red tassels at the ends; the larger one is at the center below the decorative knots, two layered shoulder pads, top in red with gold paper thread, bottom in black and gold are wired and trimmed with cotton and paper fabric in a gray diamond motif woven on off-white. Gold and back brocade straps with the same trim support the body armor. Front upper portion of the body armor is covered with suede like cloth with an abstract motif in cream, brown and dark green on olive green background. At each end of the brocade straps tiny silver metal boss with a ring, a pair of miniature armor are suspended; at right is a 3-panel black armor joined with red cord and a white and purple silk tassel with floral end knots and at left plain black cord with the same white and purple tassel. Below the armor is a brocade woven of gold paper thread and a mustard background. The sleeves are tied with off-white fine cord at the wrists. A hint of off-white silk undergarment is seen at the collar and at the end of the sleeves. White petal motif on green pair of gloves. Hakama are split at both upper sides and made of paper and silk brocade in silver thread woven in on dark brown creating a cloud motif. He wears black long protectors on each shin which is tied with red cord below knee and at ankles. Purple and gold brocade cover his feet and fur at toes. Shin guards are made of papier mache and wood feet painted in black. His legs below the knees are wrapped with apple green silk cloth. The trousers are lined with off-white paper and gathered at knees. Off-white silk belt which is wide at the back, padded at the front, and tied in a knot. Papier mache black arrow holder is broken off at top front. Red and gold brocade bag holds 6 arrows made of wood and feather painted in black attached to the case by off-white silk cord with tight twists. At the top of the case black wire forms a circle which holds armaments. C: Tachi long sword is curved with handle wrapped with Persian like motif in olive color on beige. At the top of the handle is an embossed gold bird head attached. Metal sword guard, gold embossed in a wand shape. Scabbard is painted black with gold specks with 3 metals rings and an end casing.
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