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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Longevity Couple dolls of old man and old woman with broom, removeable heads with fine details A,B: Old man standing with legs apart, right hand raised high and fingers are spread, left hand is raised and has curved fingers to hold a missing rake, H: 7.5", W: 6.375", D: 2.25" A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder) has engraved wrinkles on forehead and laugh lines at eyes painted in a flesh color, painted red lips, inset black glass eyes, has a white fiber eyebrows, mustache and beard darkened near bottom; white fiber hair tied into a topknot and bangs are tied into a bow, hair is inserted into holes around hairline. B: Man's body wearing elaborate brocade haori jacket of gold floral and Buddhist symbols on navy blue background with cr?me silk decorative stitch at front of sleeve opening, sleeve is open on body side, purple plain woven silk lining; red brocade kimono with silver floral design; 5 layers of undergarments show as collars, one in green and the others in off-white; ivory color hakama silk pants lined with soft habutae silk and stiffened with paper; off-white belt surrounds waist through open sides of haori and ends in red brocade. Flat zori sandal soles made of ecru cloth and red straps (hanao). C-E: Old woman standing pigeon toed, holding a broom in front with left arm held higher than right, H: 7.25", W: 5", D: 2.25" C: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder) has engraved wrinkles on forehead, laugh lines at eyes and on cheeks, red painted mouth which is open and toothless, inset black glass eyes; white fiber hair tied in a pony tail at the back with purple silk cord. D: Green silk brocade outer kimono with silver floral and black vine patterns, lined with red habutae silk. Red weft-faced silk kimono beneath outer kimono is padded at front and hem, lined with stiff white silk. Underneath this kimono showing at the hem is another padded nagajuban underrobe made in plain ivory silk and around the neck is four layers of collars in ivory and gray. On the feet are zori sandals. E: Bamboo broom, H: 6.625", 3" twig bottom and a handle wrapped with white paper Base on which couple stood is missing; the dolls have holes in their feet to accommodate pegs.
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