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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Male doll Standing figure with head tilted toward the right, right hands held above the shoulder, near ear, left arm is bent and held in front of chest. Head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted black hair and eyebrows, smiling shaped eyes, mouth is open and laughing, painted red lips. Hands are carved wood dipped in gofun. Clothing consists of white gauze asa (bast fiber) short karaginu-style square necked jacket with wide long vestigial sleeves (arms are not in sleeves) and hakama pants, sleeve edges are stitched with purple thread (sodeguri), shorter with side slits and panels formed in front and back, held in place at waist with a self-fabric belt; narrow hakama are gathered at ankle and stuffed with soft fabric. Underneath the karaginu is a red silk crepe kimono lined with off-white silk visible near the wrist; three collars at the neckline of undergarments, mustard damask, faded purple silk, off-white silk, stuffed sleeves. Wood carved feet painted white. Condition: right thumb is gone, chipped gofun on top of head.
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