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Wing Luke Museum
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Stand - Artifacts

Miniature Sword stand with sword and scabbard Ai: Sword, L: 12.625", W: .75", i: Handle made of wood, bottom metal ring (comes off), top gold colored metal cap in shape of clouds, background of sand textured white paper with embossed gold colored metal bosses at the middle on both sides; flat purple silk braid is wound around the handle from hole in top to the bottom forming diamonds. Aii: Sword guard (Tsuba) is made of heavy metal with four notches on the four rounded corners, petal shapes surround the center rectangular hole where the blade fits through. Aiii: Sword blade is made of gray metal, curved, shiny surface coating has deteriorated and finger prints show, recessed relief design on both sides of a dragon. B: Scabbard, : 10.25" ,W: 2.375", made of wood coated with gold and red shippo enamel, gold colored metal bands including 3 rings, 2 decorated floral motif rings and an end cap; around the top section is a blue and yellow flat silk cord wrapped and knotted in several places and fastened to loops made of paper and purple silk by two metal pronged fasteners. C: Stand, H: 9.75", W: 4.25", D: 4.25", made of black lacquered wood, base with tall holder at back; base is lacquered and has a raised gourd shape imbedded in center so that it holds the tip of the sword, designs of gold, black and red magic wand with cords, money shapes; the back pole is square held by a wood form shaped like clouds, painted black, greyish blue decorative motifs painted crudely, on top has a shaped wood piece to hold the side of the sword handle.
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