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Wing Luke Museum
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Sword - Artifacts

Miniature sword with scabbard A: Sword, handle made of wood covered with black lacquer. There is a slightly bulbous shape. With metal fittings at the top and bottom . The metal fittings have an embossed flower and vine design and are a copper and brass color. A woven metal cord is wrapped around the handle from top to bottom. On both sides there is an embossed metal cherry blossom attached on top of the wire. A sword guard made of copper has five embossed cherry blossoms on the upper side. The straight ends in a blunt point. Tied through a hole in the top of the handle is a red cotton cord with tassels. B: Scabbard, straight wood piece flattened on both sides and coated with black lacquer. Bronze and copper metal fittings at either end are embossed with a floral and vine design . Condition: sword blade is rusted, red cord is faded, one tassel totally deteriorated, tip of scabbard is squashed.
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