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Wing Luke Museum
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Banner - Artifacts

Pair of standard banners Frame is a wooden base two poles, and a cross bar covered with black lacquer. The base is rectangular slightly curves on the top and has a long groove on the bottom. Cross bar at the top curves up at the ends which are painted gold. Tied in two places to the cross bar with orange silk cord is a large gauze silk banner that is white on the top and gradates to orange at the bottom. Painted on the front of the banner are two flying orange and blue phoenixes. Below are two bluish color leaves outlined in gold with stems of purple blossoms extending upwards. In the upper right hand corner is an orange and gold peony with light green leaves and a bud. The banner is folded and stitched with white and red silk thread around red tipped stick. Three bands of cotton and paper purple and beige brocade extend down the front. They are stiffened with red paper and attached around the stick. At each end of the cross bar hangs an orange, pink, yellow, green, and white tassel. The head of the tassel is formed from braided cords tied over a wooden bead. The panels appear to be identical. Condition: A few insect holes evident.
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