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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

A: Standing dancing female doll with left arm raised high at left side, while right elbow is bent, hand rests in front. Gofun dipped wood paste head, white face, black painted eyebrows, irises, gray marks on forehead (nobility), red closed lips. Black fiber hair tied with orange, green, yellow threat at back, at the nape, brown paper strip wraps her hair. Clothing consists of uchikake kimono made of paper and cotton red brocade with gold motif (tare-obi) over red uchikake. A part of the sleeves are embroidered with teal green bird with white feathers perching on faded gold couched branch on red background. The sleeves are also striped with off-white/red with wide brown strip near the body. Brrown cord with 2 tassels and bow attached to tare-obi belt on her left. The 3 uchikake and kimono are visible at the collar, and also 3 additional undergarments also visible at the collar. Red silk hari-bakama pants. Bottom center is made of a triangle shaped wood with a hole. B: Headwear resembles a crown made of gold colored metal; top part painted in green, red, white circle, 3 decorated wire hangings and metal pieces call saishi, at center front is a floral piece with red button fastened with gold head pin. Orange cord is threaded through to tie to the doll. The bow will rest under doll's chin.
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