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Miniature Shrine - Artifacts

Image Miniature Shrine
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Natural wooden miniature of a Shinto Shrine. Base with elevated second base with 5 imitation uprights. There is a double sill board for the doorway. A rounded post on each side of the double doors and a square post in the center with a metal decoration in the center. The double doors open to a small empty space inside. Each door has a round metal decoration with the crest of Lord Asano. There is also a triangular metal decoration in the place where the door pushes open. The lintel has 3 metal decorations across it. The right hand door has a fixt post. There is another inset piece of wood above the lintel. The roof comes down over the above piece with the rafter tails showing under the edge of the roof. Across the top of the roof is a wide board standing on its side, cut diagonally at the sides with 3 metal circles with the Asano crest. The sides and back are solid and nails are visible. There is a small sticker on the back "2.00".
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