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Wing Luke Museum
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Offering Shelves - Artifacts

Image Offering Shelves
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A & B - H: 35.875", W: 17.25", D: 1.625" Made of unfinished wood, probably fir. Rectangular base into which 5.75" square wooden upright rods fit, equidistant apart. Top of three longer rods fit into rectangular cross piece and two shorter rods fit into another rec- tangular cross piece. On top of each cross piece at top is an eight-shaped metal bracket screwed at one end into the wood. The shelf is then screwed into these brackets. C & D - L: 45.25", H: .875", W: 9.25" Unfinished wood shelves, probably fir, C has an 8 shaped metal bracket at center back of shelf to hold shelf attached to altar. Both shelves have holes where 8 shaped bracket was screwed to attach to uprights.
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