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Wing Luke Museum
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Shrine Chest - Artifacts

Natural wood chest stained dark transparent brown. Stands on 1.175" wooden base. Front bottom area has fence-like decoration of one horizontal bar and 9 vertical bars. Strip of horizontal wood above that. In the center are a pair of operable doors, the right hand door has a decorative wooden vertical strip for opening door. The doors are set off top and bottom with a short horizontal strip of wood which is set into 2 wide half-rounds on each side of doors. Behind the doors is a split bamboo curtain suspended from the top and bound with brocade. In front of the bamboo are 2 side by side double tassels. Above the door extending to each side of the chest from the half rounds and set into them is a horizontal piece of wood an above that is another horizontal piece of wood which is set into the half rounds and is only in the center portion of chest. Around the top of 3 sides of chest is a band of wood with a lip of a wooden piece above it and a quarter-round around the top.
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