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Purification symbol (Haraigushi) - Artifacts

Image Purification symbol (Haraigushi)
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Triple tiered wooden base, painted black, holding an upright, black painted piece of wood 1.5 x 1 x 42". There are three metal bands fastened around the upright, one 3.5" about the top tier of the ball, the next 12" above the top tier, the third, 20.5" above the top tier. Finial on upright has a metal ball about 2"diam. mounted atop another metal ball about 4"diam. on the front mounted a metal cut-out of the shrine symbol, the Japanese character for gold set in a circle in turn is surrounded by an 8 petaled trim. Large ball sup- ported on 3 balls, fastened to circular metal base. From these hang 16 metal strips in 3 sections, ending with small bells. Painted gold finial is atop upright wooden post. The brass strips assembled into 4 zigzag or lightening shapes hanging down on each side of the post. From the bottom of each at the bottom strips are suspended four bells each about .75" diameter. Displayed on altar
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