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curtain - Artifacts

Image curtain
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A: L-70", W-76.5" Dark stain fine split bamboo bound in red and gold brocade. There are also three strips on top dividing hanging into 4 even parts. The bamboo are tied in 24 vertical lines of red thread which holds bamboo together. There are five diamond shape metal fasteners with a ring along top by which the curtain is hung. A double red cord with a large double tassel hangs from top on each side. The tassels are striped horizontally in gray at the top, red in the middle and black at the bottom. There is also a large, flat metal hook shape attached to each double cord. Its significance is unknown. B: L-80", W-12" C: L-74.25", W-12" Same as A, except narrow. Bound with the same red and gold brocade. There are no dividing strips of brocade but 6 vertical threads holding bamboo together. There are 2 diamond shape metal fasteners with ring for hanging. One double red cord with large double tassel, same colors as on A. Also has flat metal hook attached to double cord.
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