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Wing Luke Museum
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Reed - Artifacts

Carved dark wood weaving reed with shellac finish and mountain shape motif. The reed has a top piece that is carved into end pieces which flair up and out. The center of the top is carved on one side into a mountain or spade shapes of 15 across wirh smaller diamond shapes inbetween. There are two holes drilled into the top about 7" from each end. At each end a perpendicular piece is attached to a hole in the bottom. These end pieces, 5" long and 1.5" wide go through the bottom piece about three inches and end on a square rod. In between the top piece and the bottom piece are more than 100 split bamboo slats .125" wide. These are inserted as a unit into a trough in the top and bottom. The slates are lashed to the upper and lower frame bars. It is through these slates that the threads were held. There is an end rod on the bottom of the reed wirh circular spade shaped knobs oneach end. Some of the shellac has remained in between the slats.
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