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Wing Luke Museum
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Dress - Artifacts

Machine-woven, hand tailored, silk dress (cheong sam) with short sleeves; teal green brocade with butterfly and bamboo patterns. Dress interior is horizontally striped with wide bands of gold, blue, red, green, brown, and pink. The sleeves, collar, overlapping front panel, slits and hem are trimmed in teal green piping. Darts are sewn at the breast: one set angles from the breast to 5 1/2 inches below the arm, the other set is vertical and extends from the breast to the hip area. Two main patterns, sewn in a variety of colors, are widely spaced over the fabric. Four butterflies flit about two sprays of bamboo in one pattern. Three butterflies are interspersed with a wispy, long thin leafed plant in the other. The butterfly may symbolize joy. The overlapping front panel closes to the right. Three elaborate fastenings, traditional knotted-button and loop closures ("frogs"), are located near the collar and form a floral pattern. The loop portion is sewn to to the collar. The button portion is sewn to the overlapping panel. There is a snap and a zipper located below the right sleeve, extending to the hip. A hook fastening is sewn into the collar. A label printed with blue letters, "MADE IN HONG KONG" is sewn into the neckline.
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