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Wing Luke Museum
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Pajamas - Artifacts

Machine-stitched silk pajama pants, short-sleeved top, and belt; machine-woven pink silk, with red piping and dragon embroidery. (A) Pajama top buttons up the front in the middle and has two pockets at the bottom. All three round, red plastic buttons still remain attached (one with purple thread, one with black thread, one with red thread). The collar comes to a rounded point; each side is trimmed with red piping and decorated with the same embroidered dragon design of green, yellow, blue, red, black, and white thread. A similar dragon design is embroidered on each pocket. The pockets are also trimmed in red piping. The short sleeves are cuffed and trimmed with piping. The center opening is trimmed with piping, as well. Two belt loops are sen to the shirt, one at each side, on the seam. A fabric label is sewn into the neckline; machine-stitched black letters read, "Pyrus BEST QUALITY" and a red flower is in the upper right corner. Two darts are sewn at the front on each side of the collar in the shoulder area. Darts are sewn at the back; two small ones below the neckline and two long ones down the back. The shirt flares at the bottom. (B) Pants have a drawstring of the same fabric at the waste. The wide legs are cuffed and trimmed with red piping. (C) The belt is solid pink and has a seem near the midpoint.
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