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Bento Box Lunch Set - Artifacts

Image Bento Box Lunch Set
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Set of three aluminum lunch boxes that can be nested together for storage. A-E are all parts of the largest box. A: The bottom of the box is plain, has a molded foot, a curled lip, and rounded corners. B: The top of the box also has rounded corners and a curled lip. It is decorated with two sets of bamboo shoots that were molded into the metal. There is also a diagonal concave area molded into the top so that there is a place to store chopsticks. C: Molded metal strip with a lip on three sides of it so it can cover and secure the chopsticks into the diagonal compartment in the box top. There is a chopstick design on the top of it, a finger hold to make it easier to slide and a product number 90632. F: Bottom of medium sized box is build exactly like the larger box bottom. G: Top is medium sized box is similar to larger top except for size and the two plum blossoms molded into the metal. H: Chopstick cover has finger hold and a product number 60632 engraved on it. I: Plain small box has rounded corners but doesn't have a foot or rolled lip. It has a company logo engraved on one side of it. J: Plain round cornered boxtop. The only decoration on it is a raised rectangle with scooped corners.
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