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Towel - Artifacts

Image Towel
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Souvenir towel Tenugui made in Japan for the Maneki Cafe? of Seattle. White gauze cloth is decorated with silkscreened design. A bridge and pine trees are the central design and are printed in blue ink. Above the bridge, "The Maneki Caf?" is printed in gold colored ink. Mount Rainier (?) in the form on Mount Fuji is screened in gray ink behind the bridge. Below the bridge in black ink is printed, "Sukiyaki and Japanese Dishes Served in Private Rooms/ Telephone ELiot 0373 212-6th Ave. SO., Seattle". To the left of this information is a red cat. In the lower left corner "Made in Japan" is stamped in black ink. The towel has finished top and bottom selveges. The left and right edges are unfinished.
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