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Wing Luke Museum
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Kimono - Artifacts

Man's Formal Haori Jacket Black cotton lined with green striped and patterned silk. Short sleeves with wrist opening; long straight collar extending to bottom hem with two cotton looped stitched between lining and inner collar (for fastener). Five white mon: one of back center seam, 2 at sleeve back, 2 at front chest representing 3 ivy leaves with curly tendrils. Dark and light green (gauze patterned) striped silk lining with resist dye pattern of masks scattered throughout. The masks represent 3 characters: Hyottoku village clown surrounded by two tasseled wands (1 outlined in white, 1 in lime green), scarf tied around head outlined in blue, white eyeballs and a pursed mouth with no nose; Plump faced woman surrounded by white streamers and lime green decoration, blue hair and eyebrows, outlined in blue; Demon surrounded by a T shaped lime and white striped wand, white teeth and eyes, horns, outlined in blue, knarled brow, snarl. Lining extends 3/4 down the back, half way down the front and inside the sleeves. Machine stitched.
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