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Wing Luke Museum
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Hakama - Artifacts

Men's Divided skirt worn with Kimono Stiff gray silk with tweed like woven pattern. The front has for box pleats folded towards the center. The back has two very deep pleats folded towards the center. The sides are let open from the waist for 15 " and are folded at an angle and stitched. The legs are joined together 12 " From the hem. The front has a narrow stiffened waist ban d which extend into very long ties. The back at the waist has a stiffened back support with triangular shaped flaps where it joins the back of the skirt. Two very long ties extend out from these triangles. On the inside at the front a flap of material has been folded under. On the inside back there is a black braided loop which holds a white plastic spoon shaped tab which has a black plastic tab of the same shape riveted to the bottom. So that it can move from side to side. The top of the plastic tab has a hook and below this is a gold colored crest. Further down there is a clear plastic inset. There are some Kanji engraved into the tab. The hakama is hand sewn and has a few moth holes.
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