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Tray and scraper - Artifacts

Image Tray and scraper
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CARVED WOODEN TRAY AND SCRAPER 1. tray is shaped like a dust pan. top is thicker and is carved to be progressively thinner into an edge. on all edges but the thinnest there is a border which has been left thick. the top is where this border is widest and the outside edge creates a small peak. at this widest point an oval hole peirces through the border. carved strokes imply flower shapes, one on either side of the hole, and one encircling it. the carved part is light colored against the stained surface of the wood. on the inclined plain surrounded by the border are two carved Chinese characters which also show the light colored wood. one is in the top right, the other on the left bottom. Lying diagonal- ly between the two characters is a carved flower with stem and leaves. It remains the same color as the stained surface. 2. scaper is flat. handle has rounded end with small hole near end. head of scraper is rectangular shaped with sloping front and bevelled edge. on un- bevelled face of scraper is a smaller version of same character as left bottom of tray and is also light-colored. near handle are simple carved grass-like strokes which are stain-colored
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