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Wing Luke Museum
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Firecrackers - Artifacts

FIRECRACKERS Water resistant semi-transparent colored paper (yellow except one of another brand which is orange) wrapping containing 16 fire crackers per package. Crackers are either red, green, or blue and are printed with white stars (except "H" which has a checkerboard pattern). Crackers packed 8 to a row with the next row below and string of fuses twisted between the rows. A-G are of the "Giant Panda" brand called Thunder Flash Crackers. A white and brown panda bear is printed on a piece of paper which is glued to the front of the paper wrapped crackers. Behind the panda are green bamboo trees and an orange and yellow sunset. Brand name is printed on the package and "1 1/2"15, distributed by The United Commercial Co., Portland, Oregon. Manufactured by The Glorious Firecracker Co." "H" is called Evergreen brand and has snow cover pine tree on yellow background; on front is "Do not hold it hand after lighting, Flashlight Fire Crackers, Selected Quality, 16, Legal by State Law, Contains no Clorate of Potash, Manufactured specially for Northwest Jobbers Supply, State of Washington, U.S.A., Made in China."
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