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Wing Luke Museum
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Parasol - Artifacts

BAMBOO AND PAPER PARASOL WITH LANDSCAPE DESIGN ON SHADE. metal strip at middle of bamboo handle can be pressed down to slide frame and shade up and down. round base of frame through which handle slides, has many grooves near top. thin strips of bamboo fit into these grooves and radiate out and connect with the frame of the shade and are intertwined with orange cotton thread. the shade is mounted on strips of bamboo which radiate from the top of the bamboo handle. These strips intersect with those from the frames base. a string of blue cotton is threaded through holes near the tip of both sets of strips and so works as a hinge. shade is treated dark blue paper. shade has been painted with dye applied with a brush. three landscapes on background. first, large brown gateway with shadows done in black. large amorphous mass of yellow indicates either ground or cloud behind gate. second, is not painted landscape, but is cut into paper and cream tissue-like paper applied behind cuts. scene is of small village, a pagoda, and trees. third, is mixture of painting and cutting. grey/brown hill painted with green trees with red/brown trunks and bushes on top. pagoda is cut into paper above hill. where strips of bamboo lie under shade, a red/brown laquer is painted on top of the paper. tip of umbrella covered in brown oil cloth which is secured at top and bottom by string. laquered red/brown at top where cloth does not cover. Band not considered original. attatched to handle umbrella's name "Jyanome Gasa", who brought home
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