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Gong - Artifacts

Image Gong
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Brass Gong on Stand with Wooden Mallet. A. broken circle in "C" shape attatched to a base by a "V" shaped stand. above the "V" two hooks curve upward to hold the mallet(object C). at the top of"C" two hooks curve inward to hold the gong(object B). front surface of mount is etched in leaf patterns, as is the "V" shaped stand and the base. base is a circle and has two step/tiers. first step has simple one line etch marks and the second has leaf shapes. flat circle top also has leaf shape. B. gong hangs from multicolored yarn which is strung through two holes in its side and looped over the hook on the mount. side of circular gong has simple etched lines and is angled to be slightly wider at back than front. sides do not actually indicate how thick the gong is since there is no back panal to make it a solid piece. front is etched with four flowers which are surrounded by leaves. C. mallet is stained wood with black painted end on handle. at one end is carved a large round ball shape which abruptly tapers into a long slim handle.
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