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Figures - Artifacts

Image Figures
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ROW OF 8 SIMPLY CARVED PAINTED WOODEN FIGURES ON WOODEN BASE 6 figures of a family are sandwiched by 2 guardian figures (CHANGSUNG). CHANG SUNG have gaping pink mouths with white teeth, red tongues, red faces, and huge white eyes with black pupils. figure on lift has a black hat, blue nose and blue collar cut in triangular shapes. right figure has gold hat, pink nose and a scalloped shaped striped collar. both have red bases with Chinese writing in gold. between two guardians are figures of family. left to right: schoolboy, schoolgirl, groom, bride, father, and mother. all have black hair and identically painted cream colored faces except father has a Grey beard. schoolboy wears a black hat(POKKON)with gold dots, bridegroom has black hat (SAMO)with black "wings", and bride wears a hat(JJOKTURI) with red, green and yellow dots. school boy and girl have striped sleeves traditional for children. Boy wears light blue sleeveless coat(TOPAK) over pink TURMAKI. girl wears a yellow CHOKORI and red skirt(TCHIMA). blue bow tied over her chest. groom wears blue robe(YEPOK)with yellow panel(HYUNGPE) on his chest decorated with a flower pattern. bride has the same panel on her ceremonial dress (WONSAM) which is green and she wears a red TCHIMA. the pin through her hair is a YONGJAM. father wears a blue vest(JOKKI)with white chokori and mother wears a yellow CHOKORI and red TCHIMA. all stand on wooden base.
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