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Wing Luke Museum
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Embroidered cloth - Artifacts

RECTANGLE CROSS STITCHED BAST FIBER CLOTH light blue edging stitch around outside border. 1.5" in from outside border is another light blue border which is cross stitched. there are two identical cross-stitched images of girls playing the see-saw game. when cloth is folded in half, one image is in front, the other in back. entire image outlined in black. Each change in color is compartmentalized by an outline of black. the figure of a girl on left is suspended above the see-saw. she has a red collar around neck and wrists, green vest, and red skirt. there is an alternating black stitch creating a diamond-like pattern along the back of her skirt. the figure on left also has black hair and pink face. she has a yellow vest and blue skirt. both figures have black shoes. see-saw is brown and bundle below it, being used as the lever on which it rocks, is light turquois blue, yellow, and brown. there is a small yellow/brown stain above and to left of figure on left. on reverse side above identical image are several smaller stains of the same kind
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