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Wing Luke Museum
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Acupuncture Set - Artifacts

Black vinyl box containing acupuncture instruments. A: "Three edged Needle, 2 1/2", resembles a spear with a thin metal handle that forms the sides and 3 edges which become a point at the end. B & E: Scalpel "Gwasha" Tools, 2 3/4", have metal handles that flatten into a triangular shape with a sharp edge on one side; used for scraping the skin C & D: Needles, 2 7/8", with silver wire coiled around handles; used for bloodletting F: Needle similar to "A" except the head and handle are shorter G: Pair of Tweezers, 4 7/8", magnetised with grooves on outside, rounded but very narrow point with serated teeth on inside. Stamped on outside middle "085E771 (or O)". Orange plastic ring holds prongs together for storage. Needles used for the ear: H-Y: Needles (18), 1/8" diam., circular with end coming down from the middle into a needle point; located in left compartment of blue lined plastic container inserted in upper center of white molded plastic holder Z-AD: Needles (5), 1", circle with triangle at head with end coming down the middle into a needle point; located in middle compartment of blue container AE-AI: Needles (5), 3/4", description same as Z-AD AJ-AS: Needles (10), 1", straight with wrapped wire in plastic bag; located in middle compartment of blue container AT-BM: Needles (20), 1/2", straight; located in right compartment of blue container BN-CG: Needles (20), 3/8" long, circular with straight needle pointing to the side; located in right compartment of blue container CH: Box, aluminum, hinged lid, rounded corners, inside there is another hinged lid with a tab fitting into oval compartment, SMIC engraved on lid with two Chinese characters inside a diamond shape CI: Hammer shaped instrument with needles in head and tortoiseshell handle, 7 1/2"; bleeding tool CJ: Hammer shaped instrument same as CI, 6" CK-DD: Needles (20) straight, 2 1/4", in paper liner and envelope DE-DX: Needles (20) straight, 3 1/8", in plastic liner and paper envelope DY-ER: Needles (20), 1 1/4", straight wrapped silver wire handles; located in wide blue container ES-FH: Needles (16), 3 3/8", same as DY-ER FI-GD: Needles (22), 4 3/8", same as DY-ER GE-GV: Needles (18), 3 3/4", same as DY-ER GW-HF: Needles (10), 6", same as DY-ER HG-HJ: Needles (4), 2 3/4", same as DY-ER HK-HT: Needles (10), 7", same as DY-ER HU-HX: Needles (4), 2", same as DY-ER HY-IG: Needles (9), 8", same as DY-ER IH-IL: Needles (5), 3 2/3", straight with handle wrapped with steel wire; located in wide blue container with plastic lid IM-IP: Needles (4), 6 1/8", same as IH-IL IQ-IT: Needles (4), 7", same as IH-IL IU-IV: Needles (4), 8 1/8", same as IH-IL IW-IX: Needles (4), 10 1/8", same as IH-IL IY: Black vinyl lidded box, W: 12 5/8" x L: 8 1/2" x H: 1 1/4", metal trim on front lipwith magnetic closing, white molded plastic insert for instruments, two blue lined containers with clear plastic lids; Chinese characters, the face of a man in a circle and "Hwa To Brand, Acupuncture Instrument Set, Shanghai China" stamped in gold lettering on box lid.
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