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Wing Luke Museum
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Posters - Artifacts

Three folding posters stored in turquoise paper envelope inside a plastic envelope. A: Poster with a nearly full length frontal illustration of a man. Left side of body shows acupuncture points and meridians on the skin and the left half of the body shows the skeleton and internal organs with acupuncture points. From the shoulders down the body is separated into parts which are measured down the side of the body. A line is drawn between the nipples which is measured off with the numbers 1-8. The acumpuncture points on the bodies right hand side are identified by Chinese characters. Above his head are 6 large bold Chinese characters printed across the top of the page. There are 6 smaller illustrations of specific parts of the body. On the right above his shoulder is a detail of an open mouth exposing teeth and gums. Three points are marked. On his lower left, below his hand is the underarm with two acupuncture points. Below this is the rectal area with 1 point. Above his right shoulder is a profile view of the mouth, teeth, and sinuses at 1 point. Below the right hand is a detail fo the eye with 19 points. The front of the throat is shown in the lower left corner with 12 points. Below this is the number 1 with a circle around it. B: Is the second poster showing an illustration of the back of a male figure. The right side has acupuncture points and meridians on the skin and the left shows points, skeleton and internal organs. Across the base of his skull is a line with the numbers 0-9 marked at even intervals along it. Sections of the body are measured off, such as the neck, the armpit to the wrist and hip to ankle. Six Chinese characters are written along the top of the page. Seven are written below the hand on the left and five below the right. On the right above his shoulder is a view of the top of his head with 5 points. Below his right hand are two more insets, one of the back of the hand , under it is the palm. There are 13 points on the back of the hand and 8 on the inside. Over the left shoulder is an inset illustruation of the back of the left ear pulled away from the skull to show hidden, hard to reach points. There are 10 points. The inside of the ear, which is shown below the left hand is very complex with many points and meridians. The lobe is divided into 9 sections. The illustration of the back of the right ear, which is set to the right and below the inside of the ear, has 3 points. In the lower left corner is the numberal 2 with a circle around it. C: Poster of side view of a man facing the left side of the poster. His right arm is raised with elbow bent in front of his face with palm facing inward. Left arm is swung behind him with elbow bent and hand facing inward. Legs in walking stance with left leg planted and right slightly bend and raised. Underneath the figures skin is the faint outline of his skeleton. There is a key to the left with Chinese characters corresponding lines of different lengths and colors which indicate certain meridians on the body. Different types of circles are shown in the key as well. On the right next to the head is an inset of the side of the neck around the jawbone and back of the ear. To the right below the hand is an inset of the ear and the acupuncture points right in front of it. There are 9. The inset below this of the back of the left hand and shows 2 acupuncture points. Below this is the bottom of the right foot with 6 acupuncture points. There are 6 large Chinese characters along the top of the poster. A circled 3 below his right foot. D: Paper envelope, white on back and turquoise on front with back of human figure showing skeletal structure and acupuncture points. There is a border design in black along top and bottom of envelope. Chinese characters in whtie and black bottom right corner. E: Clear plastic envelope in which the paper envelope and posters are kept.
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