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Image Menus
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Ten menus from Ying Hei Restaurant, red vinyl covers with beige paper menu lists, tied with pink or red ribbon. Each menu consists of a single piece folder of paperboard covered with a mottled red vinyl plastic. On the front cover, printed in gold lettering are three Chinese characters across the top, and "Ying Hei Restaurant/Famous Chinese Dishes/664 king Str. So. Seatle, Washington 98104/Phone: 622-4229". In the center an image of a building with a classic pagoda-style roof surrounded by trees and birds is framed in a double circle with a crackled border is printed in gold. Two holes are punched into the binder and filled with grommets. Through the grommets a length of ribbon is strung (eight menus have pink ribbon, two have red ribbon). A single sheet of yellowish-beige cardstock (size 17 5/8" x 11 3/4") is secured in place with the ribbon which is threaded through two holes on the central vertical axis of the cardstock. The cardstock has been folded in half so that the menu consists of four pages printed in black ink. The first page begins with a listing of "Our Special Family Dinners" and ends with "Pork (Chow Yuk)" selections. The second page begins with a listing of "Hot Pot" items and ends with "Beef" selections. The third page starts with "Chop Suey" listings and ends with the list of "Boiled Noodle" dishes. The last page features "Wonton" selections and ends with "Plate Rice" dishes.
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