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Wing Luke Museum
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Sari - Artifacts

Sari Polyester, machine woven length of cloth; teal blue with gold metallic thread. Warp threads are teal and weft threads are black. Selvedge edges are decorated with 4 1/2 inch wide floral motif bands of gold metallic thread. An ovoid floral motif, approximately 4 inches by 3 inches, is repeated in four staggered rows to decorate the fabric symmetrically. Two gold thread stripes, composed of four narrower stripes, are spaced approximately three inches apart at one end, parallel to the weft. Eight wider stripes are similarly woven at the opposite end. The repeated floral pattern forms a medallion shape composed of two four-petaled flowers, one five-petaled flower, two large leaves and other foliage. The floral band at each selvedge edge is parallel to the warp and consists of a repeated single flower surrounded by two broad leaves and two smaller, heart-shaped leaves. The floral band is bordered by one rope-like stripe on the selvedge side and two on the interior edge. The outer border of the decorative band consists of an interlocking foliage stripe, also parallel to the warp. The burning of loose weft threads confirmed that the fabric was polyester and not silk as suspected by the donor.
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