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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy Doll with Gosho style head and Kamo style kimekomi body Pink colored hairless head, gofun covered wood, painted black eyebrows, eyes, rust colored eye accents and lips, wearing orange and white silk kumihimo braid tied around head. Wearing full set of armor made of black cloth pushed into wooden body form (kimekomi) painted with red and white dots representing connecting braids, shoulder plates painted with pink, gold, blue and red design, kimono is red, gold and orange brocade, white silk damask belt, gold painted sword with green cord stuck in belt, gold and green brocade pants (mompei?) tied with gold braid, hands are painted green with white dots representing gloves, feet are painted green and yellow with white dots. Wearing metal pouch quiver or pouch nailed to his back containing wood axe, long handled saw, long handled sythe, staff, 3 pronged rake, mallet. Fastened to a black lacquered wood stand. Japanese Antique Dolls, Gosho, p. 42, Kamo, p. 46; The Image and the Motif Japanese Dolls, Gosho p. 37, Kamo p.40
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