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Doll - Artifacts

Standing Geisha Holding Samurai Helmet: Yaegakihime Face is molded and covered with white silk with painted black eyebrows, and eyes, some red around eyes as well as red lips. Black hair is tied up with a small portion hanging down. Elaborate hair piece made of metal, wire, gold and orange covered wire with silver and yellow flowers, and silver and orange butterflies. Red bow in back and red paper fans out from back of hair. She is wearing red under robe, then a silver and white brocade robe. The outer kimono is red crepe lined, and is white with printed floral pattern in orange, red, purple, yellow and pink. Obi is red, gold and white brocade and hangs loosely in back. The obijime is red crepe. Feet are covered as if wearing tabi. Hands are covered in white cloth. She is holding a helmet made of paper and metal. The top is covered by a swath of white hair tied with a piece of paper. The top of the helmet is black with two layers of gold tied by orange cord. The front of the helmet has an orange gold brocade and metal horns and design. There is an orange cord with tassels hanging from the helmet. The doll is in a wood and glass case that is 22'' tall, 9" deep, and 12" wide. It is made of red lacquered wood that is joined without glue so that it comes apart. The bottom is covered by red cloth and the back ground is silver paper. There is a metal latch on the door that has a tan tassel. Yaegakihime On the Kabuki stage Yaegakihime is a beautiful princess in the play "Honcho Nijushi Ko" which tells of various incidents in the feud between the families of Takeda and Nagao. The Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru has been murdered and the two families take opposing sides pretending to be bitter enemies in order to discover the assassin which they succeed in doing. Yaegakihime is the daughter of Nagao and is in love with Katsuyori, the son of Takeda. The quarrel between the two families interferes with their love affair and Katsuyori was believed to have committted suicide on the eve of his wedding because of the family differences. He appears disguised as a gardner to recover an heirloom helmet entrusted by his father to the Suwa Hosho Shrine. But the priests have given it to his enemy. Yaegakihime who believes Katsuyori to be alive, hears of her father's plan to have him killed. The father sends the disguised gardner to Shiojiri, a town on the other side of Lake Suwa, but the lake is frozen over and the assissins wait to ambush him on his return. Yaegakihime wants to warn Katsuyori and she takes the helmet from the shrine. Arriving at the lake, which she cannot cross on her own, she sees a reflection of a fox (the shrine is dedicated to the fox spirit). She puts on the helmet and the fox-spirits lead her across the frozen lake. Sakura Dolls of Japan: Their Stories, Appreciation and Creations by M.S. Abston and Y. Uchioke.
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