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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

2 Male Gosho Doll Figures on divided wood platform Both figures are plump and painted white (gofun?) with Chinese boy style hair cuts. The figure on the left is down on his right knee, he has a brown colored helmet with gold and white brocade ribbon tied in the back tied with yellow cord under his chin, tuft of fiber hair sticking out from underneath his helmet, painted features, painted green vest with gold medallion/leaf design, red and gold brocade silk glued to his chest, holding a fan in his right hand and brown tortoise with green and yellow streamers in his raised left hand. The figure on the right is standing, he has a helmet with a crane nesting on his head (two wires stick out the back like tail feathers) and a white cord ties under his chin, painted features: black eyebrows, eyes, red lips, two side tails of fiber hair tied with green cord on either side of his head, painted orange vest with gold floral design, turquoise and gold brocade glued to his chest, holding an open ceramic fan painted with pine trees in his right hand. They stand on a two-tied unpainted wood stand with four legs. Gosho dolls (gosho ningyo) looked like plump little boys with white skin and Chinese style haircuts which were originally given as gifts to visiting aristocracy in Kyoto. They appear in a variety of poses.
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