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Miniature Doll Figure - Artifacts

Miniature ceramic figure on platform representing Kanjin-kho Kabuki character Standing painted Benkei figure on black stand in lidded box (A) Figure has round white face with painted features and bald head, molded "bell-hop" hat painted black with hole through which a yellow cord is tied under his chin. Painted clothes include black vest with gold design, orange neck bands with gold medallions, robe of brown and gray on yellow plaid, white obi, hakama of grey with silver design, painted white tabi, hilt of sword sticks out from his belt, hands are white painted wires which once held a paper scroll. (B) Black lacquered rectangular wood platform, unfinished bottom (C) Unfinished wood box, H: 3", W: 2.5", D: 2" (D) Unfinished wood lid which slides into top of box, decorative molding, kanji written in black, "Kanjincho Kabuki" written in pencil. Kabuki Play "Kanjincho" Legend of the Subscription List Benkei frees himself and his companions from many difficult situations and is an loyal follower of Yoshitsune, who is a powerful leader of the feudal can at Genji. Kanjincho tells the story of Lord Yoshitsune and his loyal followers who have been falsely suspected of intrigue by his jealous brother, the Shogun. They escape north to Mutsu where they must pass through barriers set up by the Shogun. They disguise themselves as soliciting priests. As they cross the barrier check-point of Ataka, their ruse is sensed by its keeper Togashi Saemon. Benkei asked permission to pass for the reason of collecting funds for the reconstruction of their temple which had been destroyed by fire. Togashi refushes their passage and Bendei proposes a Buddhist service. Tagashi asks if they have a Kanjincho, which is a scroll used by priests subscribing to a particular charity. Benkei pulls out a blank scroll and pretends to read but Tagashi is suspicious and asks him questions about his clothing and the Buddhist religion. Togashi is impressed with his distinct answers even though he is suspicious and lets them pass. When one of Togashi's soldiers recognizes Yoshitsune they are called back and begin to fight. Benkei realizes a disturbance would be fatal at this time and proceeds to beat his disguised lord Yoshitsune for starting the commotion. Togashi fully realizes it is Yoshisune and is astounded that Benkei would strike his lord to save him. He lets them pass once again even though he is being disloyal to his own lord and later contemplates suicide because of this. Yoshitsune forgives Benkei for the beating and they drink and Benkei dances the dance of Longevity. Sakura Dolls of Japan: Their Stories, Appreciation and Creations, p. 66. Kabuki (Color Books) by Yasuji Toita & Chiaki Yoshida, p. 19.
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