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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Stuffed Cloth Doll A: Figure of girl with large round head and cylindrical body. Back of head covered with black cotton and face covered with white silk, black fiber hair hangs down straight at the back and in bangs at the front. The bun on top of head is tied with orange and white shibori scarf. Black felt eyes, red felt nose, painted brown eyebrows. Stick like neck joins head to body which is covered in white silk. The front and lower back is dressed in red kimono with yellow, white and purple plum blossoms and a green, gold and silver brocade obi. Arms are pipe cleaners, the bottom is covered turquoise cotton material. B: Haori jacket made of yellow silk crepe with red and green plaid design, the inner and outer sleeve edges are trimmed with red silk crepe. Collar is folded back and tied with red cotton band. Fabric is faded.
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