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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine Set - Artifacts

Wood Figurine Set: Two people in Ox costumes playing drums A: Black painted carved wood, left one is taller, both have black head and torso, painted white ladder design with white dots on front, white flower dots on either side of head, 2 kanji characters on back of head "Kasuga" and below painted red flower with yellow center and green leaves, turquoise leaves on smaller flower, bottom has white black and red stripes, yellow patch on either side of figure, white circle with brown X beside the yellow; gold eyes, gold and red mouth and snout, tufts of white fiber hair on forehead, split bamboo horns, 2 split bamboo strips glued onto the back of each extending upward with white stripes painted on the front (the 2 on figure have come off); feet are painted white with gold sandal straps; holding round drum in front with red with pink flowers, green leaves and white striking surface, cut bamboo sticks extend out each side of drums. Both figures are glued to a painted black rectangular base. B & C: 2 split bamboo strips which were glued to the back of the right figure extending upward with white stripes painted on the front. Possibly connected with the celebration of the rice day festival.
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