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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine Set - Artifacts

Model of Cormorant fishing from Ugi, Japan Pine cone figures in pine cone boats on a wood platform. On the left is a boat made of a split pine cone, one adult on left with pine cone body and round head with painted black hair, (painted face has rubbed off) holds a pole, two children on right with pine cone bodies and round heads with painted black hair and facial features, standing under a the top of a pine cone canopy held by two sticks with 5 red ball shaped lanterns with white markings hanging down; on the right is a split pine cone boat with wood projections at each end, on top are three pine cone figures, the two on the left are wearing eboshi black hats (one has a broken top), black hair (faces are worn off), each holding 5 strings that entend to the cormorants which are made of seeds and small branch like necks and heads; the figure on the right is larger and hold a pole; on the left end of the boat is a twig with a small pine cone and red cotton batting representing the fire from a torch. The boats and birds are glued to a painted base which is blue with white and yellow wave pattern. It is stored in a grey lidded cardboard box with a blue, green and white label with kanji: "Famous Gifu Souvenir to be given as present", also written in ink is "Ugi Cormorant Fishing".
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