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Scrapbook of Kokeshi Dolls - Artifacts

Scrapbook with information about Kokeshi Dolls Brown cover with a lighter brown rectangle surrounding a black diamond shape in the center of the front cover, back cover is plain, both have brown cloth reinforcing tape along spine edges and are tied together with a brown cord running through metal eyelets. Inside there are 40 construction paper pages (first page is loose) on which figures, cards, photographs, toothpick dolls and newspaper articles are glued. Inside front cover: 8 flat wood kokeshi shaped figures painted in different designs p. 1: 7 papers with printed pictures of kokeshi, 1 card with photograph of donor and group, written at bottom of page "Georgia Sealoff, Visiting Faculty, Japan Library School, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, 1952-195.." p. 2: Tokyo Evening News, 10/26/53 3 news photos of kokeshi production p. 3,4: 4 cards with printed pictures of kokeshi, 2 news articles in Japanese, paper: Y. Yamada... p. 5: Photograph of kokeshi dolls, "Doll Collection of Georgia Sealoff (old style kokeshi)" p. 6: 3 news articles--Kanzashi Kokeshi (Yamagata Pref.), Yajiro Kokeshi (Miyagi Pref.), Japanese article by Takio Shikama p. 7: Photograph of kokeshi dolls, "Doll Collection of Georgia Sealoff (modern style kokeshi)" p. 8,9: 2 news articles, Photograph of kokeshi dolls, "Dolls of Georgia Sealoff" p. 10: Letter in Japanese "Yuundo, Yamada", 2 paper dolls--one with a toothpick doll inserted, 1 paper toothpick holder with a toothpick doll inserted, "Tothpick of Kokeshi Doll" p. 11: 3 envelopes with Japanese letters inside which have painted flowers p. 12: 1 paper in Japanese and 1 booklet on kokeshi in Japanese p. 13: 2 photographs of kokeshi dolls "Collections of Georgia Sealoff", Christmas card with flat padded kokeshi figures on front from Fumiko, empty envelope from Toshio Okabe, woodblock print card of 2 kokeshi figures "Merry Xmas, GLS" p. 14: 7 business cards from Kokeshi Doll Assn. people p. 15: 4 photographs: group at table, 2 of donor, kokeshi collection "Georgia Sealoff attends monthly meeting", booklet in Japanese with donor's photograph p. 16: Lined paper with Tokyo Kokeshi Friendship Association meeting agenda in pencil, card in Japanese p. 17: Photograph of children in traditional dress looking at 2 giant paper mache kokeshi dolls, 3 pamphlet pages and 1 news article in Japanese with pictures of kokeshi and their makers "Naruko spring, Miyagi Pref.", small kokeshi envelope inserted p. 18: 3 writing papers with handpainted kokeshi figures p. 19: 4 writing papers and envelopes, 1 bookmark with handpainted or block printed kokeshi figures, news article "...T.B. Seals..." with picture of kokeshi doll "Nippon 1952" p. 20,21: 4 cards with kokeshi figures; 3 cards, 3 bookmarks with kokeshi figures p. 22,23: 8 cards with kokeshi figures p. 24,25: 3 envelopes, 1 card, 6 bookmarks with kokeshi figures p. 26: Book advertisement, paper in Japanese, pencilled meeting agenda p. 27: Seattle Times Pictorial supplement with article "Japanese Tolk Toys Tell History Lesson" featuring donor p. 28: News article "Lifelike Folk Dolls, rice paper printed in Japanese p. 29: Letter to Mr. Nishida outlining donor's kokeshi research, and translation from Mr. Kagayama p. 30,31: Meeting notices, article in Japanese, letter from Kenjin Yamada p. 32,33: Newspaper articles in Japanese p. 34: Photograph of children in traditional dress looking at 2 giant paper mache kokeshi figures, 2 cards with woodblock printed kokeshi figures p. 35: Letter in Japanese, 2 photographs of Japanese mask collection, kokeshi shaped card inserted p. 36,37: 3 samples of wrapping paper with kokeshi p. 38,39: 10 cards with kokeshi figures (1 loose) p. 40,41: 3 paper napkins, 3 samples of stamps with kokeshi figures p. 42,43: 5 cards with kokeshi figures p. 44,45: 4 Japanese booklets with kokeshi figures p. 46,47: 5 cards (4 with padded figures), envelope containing 5 paper stencils and numerous stencilled squares with kokeshi figures p. 48,49: 1 card, 1 paper wrapper, 3 bookmarks, 2 news articles and 1 silkscreened card with kokeshi figures p. 50,51: 2 photographs or donor with kimono clad women with parasols and with paper mache ox (used in Seattle Times) p. 52,53: 2 photographs: daruma and wooden horses p. 54,55: Paper "children who won prizes for parade at kokeshi festival...", Northwest Orient Air: "Story of Kokeshi Dolls" p. 56,57: "Pictorial map of Japan" by Radio Japan, 2 articles on "Kokeshi Doll" p. 58,59: 3 cards with kokeshi figures In envelope attached to last page: 17 articles in Japanese with kokeshi figures labelled "Kokeshi and Folk arts research bulletins"
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