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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Kokeshi Doll Turned wood, two pieces, immobile head. Large flat head has painted purple petal shaped markings on crown and sides indicating a tied kerchief with green flower shape on top and green leaves on sides, painted black bangs and side hair, eyebrows, large downturned eyes, two downturned lines for nose, purple lips; body is a slender cylinder with rounded top, two sets of purple bands at top and bottom, at center front are five chrysanthemum motifs with purple petals, green centers and leaves (back view). On bottom black ink kanji: "Aone" (place name in Myagi Prefecture where a hot spring is located, translates as green root, in this area heads are carved very large with narrow body, radiating design on head, "crescent moon" shaped eyes, split nose--upside down Y)
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