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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Kokeshi Doll Rattle Turned wood, two pieces joined, filled with something to make it rattle, large flat topped head, painted black hair with bangs in front and side pieces, painted red lines indicating a tied kerchief [like a baby sitter, to keep hair out of baby's face, hence the rattle], black eyebrows, smiling eyes, long nose, red lips outlined with black; body has red band at top at top and bottom, 5 feathery red triangles at center front; on bottom black ink kanji: "Made at Hijiori, made by Okuyama Kioshi". Famous artist from Hijiori region (hybrid of Narudo and Tokkata regions)--valuable piece. (see craftman's photograph, p. 119), characteristic large squarish head and slender cylindrical body, "well" eyes--upper and lower down-curved eyelids, upturned mouth.
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