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Wing Luke Museum
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Model House - Artifacts

Model House on Platform Made of woven and glued bamboo strips, the house has a raised roof with eaves covering a porch, sliding doors and inside are 5 kokeshi dolls. A: House consists of a pitched roof with four sections covered with twill weave bamboo stripes, dark brown ridge pole and dark brown edging, the upper front wall under the eaves is made of an intricate open hexagonal weave in light and medium brown colored bamboo; a separate eave extends across the front, narrower on the left side, it is covered with bamboo twill weave with a diamond pattern; B & C: the left front has two sliding doors (one is doubled) with open plain weave bamboo on top and closed twill weave on bottom, outlined with dark brown strips (these doors are inserted into channels at top and bottom; below the doors is a dark brown striped verandah attached to front and below this the wall is made of vertical light and dark bamboo strips; at the right front is the entryway, dark bamboo stairs are walled in with bamboo strips and a sliding door with open plain weave bamboo on top and dark and light colored chevron shaped bamboo on bottom, outlined with dark bamboo strips; one side of the house is made of open plain weave bamboo strips in various widths and light and dark brown, the lower part is made of light and dark bamboo strips; the other side has an open plain weave top and an overhang with its own roof and vertical strips of open bamboo work; the back is made of light colored twill weave bamboo strips with a diamond pattern, lower section is made of horizontal bamboo strips. Inside the house the floors are covered with tiny bamboo woven "tatami mats" outlined with dark brown strips; on the left the doll closest to the front is carved wood with a round flat head and cylindrical body which narrows in the middle, painted features: black bangs and side hair pieces, red and brown hair ornaments, black eyebrows, eyes, nose, red mouth, body has red, black and green bands around neck and hem and a red flower with green leaves at the center front; thinner doll at left back has painted black features, red marks on top of head and body; center doll is a larger version of the front doll; doll at right back is taller with an elongated neck, body is slender at top and widens out at bottom, painted white flower, red wisteria and blue an green pine branches on center front; doll which can be seen through door at right of house is a medium sized version of the front and middle dolls. D: Rectangular platform made of wood, has 4 dark brown bamboo legs and is covered with alternating light and dark strips of bamboo outlined with dark strips, two thick dark strips of bamboo are glued to top and help hold the house in place. E: Bamboo Door, H: 2.5", W: 1.375", Framed in dark brown bamboo slats the top two thirds is a screen of loose woven bamboo in a checker pattern, the last third is a tightly woven bamboo in a diamond pattern.
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