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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll Couple - Artifacts

Kokeshi Doll Couple Turned wood with wobbly pointed heads, bell shaped bodies with pedestal at bottom. Back of dolls are painted beige with black horizontal lines and vertical marks representing straw snow capes with hoods. White paint blotches representing snow flakes on heads and backs. Both dolls have black painted bangs, black horizontal eyes, grey eyebrows, white dots for noses and red dots for mouths. Neck pegs fit into holes in top of bodies. Painted blue cords fasten the capes. A; Female doll has red kimono with pink plum blossoms and green leaves, black obi with yellow design. B: Male doll has black kimono with white cross hatch design and brown obi with white dots. On back of both dolls black ink kanji: "at Shiga plateau, Maruike (pond)"
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