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Wing Luke Museum
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Figure Set - Artifacts

Modern version of kokeshi style figures representing Longevity Couple A: Figures of old man and woman with swivel egg shaped head on stand, painted gray and white hair, white eyebrows, smiling eyes and mouth, woman: gold and royal blue headband, pink outer garment with dark plum blossom design, red belt tied in bow at front, gray and black wave design underrobe showing collar, collar layers of gold, black, brown, and white; man: white hair bun at back, painted white beard, painted outer garment with tan color sleeves and brown horizontal stripe vest with gold trim, white belt tied in bow at front, below waist is blue, collar layers of gold, white, dark gold, black, and white; couple glued to slice of natural wood with bark outside B: Carved wood broom, painted tip of black and green, held by woman (L: 3.75", W: .375") C: Carved wood curved rake handle, top of rake is broken off (L: 2.75"), held by man
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