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Wing Luke Museum
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Pair of Stone Figures - Artifacts

Pair of Stone Figures (A&B, C&D) A: Female: Small smooth oval shaped grey stone with painted black hair, red hair bow with red shibori dot. Pink daisy flowers on each side of bow with yellow centers. Painted black eyebrows, almond shaped eyes, white nose, red mouth. B: Body: Larger smooth oval shaped grey stone with painted Kimono. Outer red kimono has painted white, pink, salmon, colored daisy flowers with yellow centers on both side fronts and back. Green leaves and blue water design intertwined with flowers. Under kimono which shows at front and side is pink. Red and white painted collar. Painted black obi with yellow and orange wisteria like design. White red and blue obi jime. Fuschia color obi age with shibori design . On bottom is stamped red seal: "Maruishi" or "Enseki" and black ink kanji: "Maruishi" or "Enseki" (maker's name meaning "round rock"). Blue marks on bottom of kimono. C: Male head, small smooth oval shaped grey stone. On top of head painted black oval shape indicating hair with blue dot in center. Black side hair pieces with three blue petal like marks on either side of head. Black eyebrows and dots for eyes, White nose and red mouth. D: Body: Larger smooth oval grey stone. Painted dark blue outer haori has white lines indicating collar and white tie with yellow fastenings. Blue under kimono has white collar, red obi, pink petal design. On bottom is red stamped seal and black ink kanji. (writing is the same as on B)
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