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Wing Luke Museum
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Miniature Doll - Artifacts

Miniature Gosho Doll with Screen A: Standing doll arms extended and right foot up as if dancing. Has round head covered with gofun. painted hat is part of head. Hat has eboshi style black with gold stripes and orange dots on either side. Carved ears, nose and chin. Painted eyes, eyebrows and red mouth. The body is made with Kimekomi technique. It is molded from wood paste with grooves and fabric is glued over the body in to the groves. The outer kimono is blue crepe with painted crane and pine designs. in red, blue, white , green and orange. The obi is red and gold brocade. Red crepe sleeve and hem openings. In right hand doll holds finial? Left hand is missing ,peg protrudes from sleeve opening. Yellow painted feet, peg on left foot has broken off the base. B: Wood base, rectangular. Front edge has carved depression. Broken peg is inserted in middle of the base
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