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Wing Luke Museum
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Miniature Doll - Artifacts

Miniature Cloth Anesama Doll Miniature knelling geisha figure holding paper scroll. Head is single round of white cloth with no features. Hair is black cloth tied in loops to resemble formal geisha hair style. Back hair knot is tied with a single thread. A small yellow patch is glued to the top of the front knot of hair. Head is attached to body by single metal rod. Body is clothed in purple and white kimono in a up and down arrow pattern . Sleeves have red crepe lining. Bottom has pink crepe lining. Obi is single piece of gold and peach cloth brocade tied in a bow in back. A yellow cord in a bow protrudes from the back. Draped over sleeves, being held out, is a piece of rice paper with printed lines and glued on. She is kneeling on a black painted wood stand. The figure is secured to the stand by a nail.
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